South Of heaven SMC, require new Associate  members to   participate in minimum two event's before being excepted as an Associate member then a further 12 months, If Associate  member belongs to another club or assco can only join once they have terminated current membership with a minimum 2 months cooling off period, once they have displayed a steady level of maturity and initiative to lead others they will be granted Full Membership.



Our ideology is to Ride, rain hail or shine. Collectively we will   seek out others who are like minded, and build a solid united Smc.


We expect all members whether you’re a supporter or Full member to participate in minimum 3 runs a year. If you are unable to attend you are required to notify a senior member by text or phone call.


As we begin our endeavour to grow as a smc some members will be isolated from others, this will take courage and determination to build a network in your area.


We don't live in each other’s pockets and family come's first.


We believe a full member of South of Heaven smc should enjoy Riding alone night or day.


We believe a full member of South Of heaven smc should be able to conduct basic services or own Machine.


We believe if there's enough money saved then that money should be used to contribute to upcoming events & charity's..

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South of Heaven Smc Collective goal is to raise $4000 to have odinism officially recognised by the Australian government.  We have a Law firm ready to go who will submit the belief to a committee who will decide whether the religion is legitimate or something that has been created to avoid paying tax. We remain confident of a positive outcome that will potentially be an advantage to all open minded Motorcyclist Australia wide.  In order to reach our goal sooner than later we are  accepting Donations.